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Rest Homes

The team of Dietitians at Anderson Nutrition Services make it a priority to provide the highest quality patient care in meeting the dietary needs of your residents.

Resthome Nutrition Services
  • We meet with each resident and conduct comprehensive clinical assessments to determine the best plan of care.

  • We work collaboratively with your clinical team to ensure dietary and nutrition information is communicated properly.

  • We work closely with the food service staff to ensure menus meet the dietary needs and food preferences of all residents.

  • We are well versed in meal planning and serving ideas for patients that optimize nutrition for very specific behavioral, functional and medical needs.

  • We offer you a choice of menu development or editing or your current menus depending on your facility needs.

  • We conduct sanitation and food safety checks of the kitchen and dining areas and will work to enhance the dining experience for residents.  

  • We are able to offer a large variety of educational opportunities for staff and residents. We are able to provide education in person or virtually through web-based, HIPPA compliant means.

  • We offer over the phone consults.

  • We currently accommodate written Spanish, Haitian Creole, Russian, Chinese, and Indian translation for an additional fee.

Nutrition Team

Onsite & Remote Consults!

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