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Family/Lifestyle Counseling
for your employees and members of your organization

Anderson Nutrition Services is committed to providing customized food and nutrition education programs that meet your organizations health and wellness goals. Programs are delivered through an interactive format by our highly trained registered dietitians who strive to empower clients with up-to-date, evidenced based information. The programs we offer focus on a variety of food and nutrition topics that are most relevant today. We also offer a variety of webinars that are pre-recorded for your convenient viewing.

Lifestyle Counseling
Lifestyle counseling

We take a similar approach through our family and individual counseling service. Sessions are offered to suit your needs, whether that be on an individual basis or with family members in attendance. Our dietitians utilize proven behavior change strategies to support clients in creating sustainable lifestyle habits. We are well versed in meal planning with recipes, shopping tips and serving ideas for client with all types of dietary needs and health goals. Additionally, our experience allows us to connect our clients with local discounted services that apply to preparing nutritious foods for you and your family. Anderson Nutrition is proud to offer these services on location or through virtual, web-based means that are HIPPA compliant.

Topics may include:

  • current hot topics in nutrition

  • weight management

  • disease prevention

  • safe food handling

  • cooking demonstrations

  • medical nutrition therapy on a private pay basis

  • caregiver wellness support programs

Nutrition Team

Onsite & Remote Consults!

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