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Addictions & Mental/Behavioral Health
Mental Health Nutrition
Mental Health Nutrition

Anderson Nutrition Services provides vital food and nutrition services that aim to support the physical and cognitive well-being of individuals struggling with addiction, eating disorders and those with mental and behavioral health issues. We currently accommodate short-term and long-term assignments in addiction and mental health facilities throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire.


Many of our dietitians specialize in the treatment of eating disorders and help individuals struggling to find a healthy relationship with food. We help individuals understand the impact that food has on mental health and we help them navigate food choices that optimize their physical and cognitive health.


We are able to offer a large variety of educational opportunities to best suit the needs of the community. We are able to provide education in person or virtually through web-based, HIPPA compliant means.


We offer personalized care and meet with each individual to conduct comprehensive clinical assessments. Additionally, we offer interactive and engaging educational activities in group settings. We are well versed in meal planning and serving ideas to improve an individual's relationship with food, as well as manage one's overall nutrition status. 


We work closely with food service staff to ensure menus meet the food preferences and dietary needs of all individuals. We ensure meals are served in a safe and sanitary environment. We collaborate with treatment teams to develop customized nutrition interventions and ensure that nutrition information is being properly communicated.  


We currently accommodate written Spanish, Haitian Creole, Russian, Chinese, and Indian translation for an additional fee.

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